Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Videos

Our little one is growing so fast. He is absolutely adorable!! Smiling, laughing, & having a great time. At the moment he is listening to reggae for babies and sleeping in his little chair.

It has been a very difficult adjustment for me to go back to work! I am glad he is eating better from the bottle - Go bottles with slow drip nipples!! With the help of my lactation nurse Dorris, we call her the milk whisperer- Bryce has overcome his acid reflux and I have been provided much needed support especially this past week. I think he is finally starting to regain some weight - and he is nursing again with mommy and taking the bottle. Our nanny is absolutely fantastic. While I am quite sad about leaving him each day for 5 hours, I know he is in wonderful hands.

In his other mamma, please don't go!! We are so happy though that daddy has been able to have some extra time with him.

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