Friday, August 17, 2012

6.5 months

Recently, in our new home, Bryce and I enjoy our evenings so much together. We have a great routine of going into the garden, looking at the blue jays, touching the flowers, pulling on the trees. He is loving it. We love our new place, so spacious and the garden is just a magical place of exploration.

Bryce gained 1 lb last week and we are so happy. He is now 14.7 lbs and very long. Still at 2% of his percentile; however he sure is a clever happy young man. Everyday he learns something new. We are doing exercises from baby physical therapy - he has some challenges but overall he is really doing well. He is starting to roll over. Sitting is not a problem with support. His new foods are chicken, sweet potatoes, and Steve-o's BBQ steak (I put it in the blender and add carrots) he loves grandma Elaine's apple sauce too!! I am so happy that Bryce is eating more now and starting to gain weight. Its been a very challenging and emotional month. We are getting so much support from physical therapists, nutritionists and the baby ENT specialist.

We enjoyed cooling off at grandma's on some hot summer days- hanging out with cousins and having fun!! Now we have AC at our place so the 100 degree weather days are much more bearable.

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