Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Play Time

Bryce is 33 weeks! Phew!! His terrible cough and ear infection has finally gone away. What a scary and worrisome month. We still monitor his breathing ability but overall we acknowledge his abilities as they are and we tell him everyday that he is the most perfect angel ever!

Since Bryce can't roll over or sit up without help we have been so creative with play time. I continue to carry him as much as I can in the carriers and we both really enjoy that.

We are playing everyday. Last week was his first time to the zoo. I think he loved the kids more than the animals but the sea lion and monkeys were great. Next time we go, we'll take pictures.

Over the weekend grandma Elaine got us a nice swimming device so he can enjoy more swimming fun. We have missed our swim classes but look forward to returning this Sat.

This morning, physical therapy with Early Intervention was very impressed that we are doing sign language, that we can still hold spoons, drop and throw objects from our high chair (that's a fun game... where did the spoon go?) Introduction this week to "b" words has been one of his highlights - he just giggles at the words "bubble gum" "baby" "boo" butner" "blue" "bottle" etc. He puts his lips together and is trying to say a "b" sound. Its the cutest thing ever.


Pillows help him be propped up so he can play or watch a dvd
Last, check out videos of play time below.



  1. I am so happy to see Bryce achieving so many amazing feats! He is a real blessing to us all. Go Bryce, break down those barriers!

  2. Love all the wonderful pictures, and sweet smiles !
    It was also wonderful to see you all tonight.
    Bryce is such a happy , and so loved! What amazing parents you both are!

  3. HI Jenni, Steve, and Bryce,

    I love all this pictures and seeing all the fun activities you guys have been doing. This is so wonderful, thanks for sharing with everyone. All of our love to all of you, give a big big hug to Bryce from Stephanie and myself.