Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

A Day at the Park

A great big THANKS to family and friends!! There is no greater gift in this world than friendship!

                                                                                                                                                                       Thank you my dearest little boy especially for  all your sweet smiles. How great it is watching you make daddy laugh; thanks for laughing at my  jokes too. I know you love it when I sing songs and dance around. I love hearing you shout with excitement and joy. Mamma and dadda, and so many new phrases. You are such a joy Bryce. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU

This upcoming Weds is our big day for Bryce's first surgury. He will get a feeding tube placed in his tummy (gtube) and if all goes well; he will be able to gain weight better. He won't have too many complications with eating real food again since he won't have to have anymore ngtubes.  He had a tasting of the cranberries and potatoes this year!  Keep on eating buddy.

Bryce weighed in at 15.11 lbs recently. After his surgury this Wed we hope to meet the goal of 19 lbs by his first birthday in January. It is scary as parents to go through this procedure, but we know statistically it will be successful and provide a way for Bryce to get the nutrition and fats that he needs to grow and develop properly.

Bryce is always so happy ! As is mommy because he is so much fun and such an angel.


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