Tuesday, November 27, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things: Blessings to All

Bryce is now 10 months old, 28 inches in length and 15.11 lbs - a happy sweet lovable guy
                                                                            As with life, our favorite things and favorite people make life even more enjoyable. It's the little things and little moments that are so precious. Each day with Bryce, I feel blessed to learn so much from him. We are so appreciative to all of you who have given us so much.  With  leaving my job for the time being, we couldn't have gotten through the past months without you. Your prayers and other gifts have really helped us out.

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for the fantastic four couples who gifted us a cleaning service . The past few months have been more than what we could almost bear as parents dealing with the diagnosis. On top of that, Bryce has not been a great eater. Instead of cleaning so much, I have been able to focus on cooking and preparing more foods for the little guy. Most importantly I have been able to play with him more and do physical therapy everyday and work on activites to keep him moving and enjoy a few of our favorite things each day.

We love our cousins! I feel blessed to have my brother live so close and his boys are extremely kind to their little cousin.
                                                                                                             I am so thankful to Steve's cohort for the infant carrier that we were given. Still now, since Bryce has severe acid reflux, trouble sleeping,  I am almost always holding him, and rocking him,  putting him in my pouch has been a blessing. He loves snuggling with mommy.   Recently they collectively raised funds for us via amazing gifts, gift cards, and an ourpouting of love and prayers.

 The most favorite part of our day is music and playtime. We exercise, sing songs, do rhythm games, clap, beat on drums, and dance dance dance. He loves to hold drum sticks and try to hit them together or make noise with them.  My mom taught my brother and I so many songs growing up that for me singing is just part of our life as a family. Daddy is brilliant too with his songs and clever use of youtube (drum solos, music videos etc). Bryce loves Shake Shake Groove performed by Hylands shake shake babies.

grandma Elaine doing floor time with the young man
For support and to practice keeping his neck muscles strong, Bry Bry likes to hang out in his high chair in the kitchen with me and watch as I prepare his avocados, hummus, chicken, etc.  He really likes it when I hold him and I eat my sandwich. He stares as I eat a bite and chew. Then he will try to eat  what I eat as I offer him bites. This is one of our favorite games.

Daily we do massage to his legs and arms with the lovely Aveda baby lotion. The lavender one is the best after a bath. Boy oh boy, do we like bath time. This is his most enjoyable time every other day because he really does move more in the water and gets those legs moving. As I hold him in sitting position with my legs supporting his bum, he really will hold his neck up nice and strong.  He likes his blue bathtub too, this gives him a nice chance to lean back, relax, and play with his little lion and other animals.

Another activity we like is throwing the ball. Bryce is very good at sitting in his purple chair and tossing the ball to mama or dadda.  He has his style, but boy is it exciting watching that ball roll. We kinda encourage any throwing, food, balls, toys because its fun to see where it lands and then say, "where's the ball?" "Where did it go?"  "Oh, there it is." 


We couldn't have gotten through the past months without our community of friends and our terrific family!

The dinners brought to our home, the Costco food deliveries, and the gift cards has helped us tremendously. We have had a significant amount of medical costs that were out of pocket recently for Bryce and we will face more budgeting issues as we try to find physical therapy and special needs equipment for our son in the near future. For now, because of these gifts, and some fundraising we hope to do on December 8th, we are able to get the holidays and cherish each day as a family.

Prayer Shawls - made for us with love and prayers
Everyone stopping in to visit has not only cheered us up, but it has rebuilt some of my confidence. I am more relaxed about living our life and going out. We have been able to borrow my brother's Bob for Bryce to have more support on his back and less bumpiness - and this has allowed us to go walking again and more often. Also, this stroller gives my back a rest when we are shopping or just out. Bryce can't sit in the shopping carts so, so sitting in the Bob gives him a great view of the world while mommy can get a few things at the store.

My mom generously has provided us with many suitable toys including both lightweight toys and heavier ones to help build his hand and arm strength.(balls, legos, trains, marimbas) Bryce does sit up a bit better with my support when he can look at new things or be entertained with the Baby Einstein videos, a puppet show, or just funny mommy dancing about.

Without a doubt, my mother is all heart -  she has given us her old SUV. This helps us feel safer and haul our young man's equipment around. This is a tremendous gift.

Newest Favorite:  I went to the MJCC and met other moms and enjoyed a wonderful indoor playground. Bryce smiled and cooed at all the little kids. The kindness and welcoming of this community is amazing. We look forward to many more playtimes.


Thanks everyone for following our blog and for helping us out. We feel very fortunate and truly blessed to have such a community of love.

Weds, November 28th bryce has his first surgery. Today our awesome neighbor came over and gave us two beautiful prayer shawls as seen in the picture.  As we prepare for the hospital tomorrow, what a beautiful gift blessing - these shawls where created with love and prayers from the Prayer Shawl Guild at St. Matthew Luthern Church -

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