Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today and Tomorrow

Look at my gorgeous child tonight as he reads, "That's not my elephant," with daddy. He is the most clever boy I have ever known.  His mind is so strong. What curiosity. What joy in turning the pages and feeling the differences on each page.

As I try to fall back asleep, thoughts escape me and I find it difficult to let go of the worries of the day. At least he ate more today than yesterday. Why does he only drink 2-3 oz of formula at a time? We don't mind getting up 3 -4 times a night as he is hungry, we have grown use the the feedings every 2-3 hours.   Did I put enough butter and salt into his sweet potatoes today? Why didn't he eat his favorite avocado dish as he did weeks prior? With help from the experts, am I pumping enough to get my mama milk back-  Will the ng or gtube really be effective? There are no answers to my questions.

Tomorrow is another day. Grandpa is visiting us again. That smile will light up the room. His laugh will melt my heart. We will play games, laugh, and explore. We will enjoy our nummies as best as we can.


  1. Hi Jenni and Steve,

    You're both doing such a great job, its amazing and inspiring! Bryce is so precious, I love the pictures with the books, so adorable. Hang in there, lot's of love to the three of you.


    Eyal and Steph

  2. THanks so much. You are such a great brother and sister in law!! Lov you guys.