Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Play!!!

 We settled back in to our routine after being at the hospital. They could not complete the feeding tube placement and have suggested to have a surgical team place it instead at a later date.  Until then we are playing and eating these days Bryce is back to his pre-surgery weight of 15.11 and is now 29 inches long.

Getting out during these colder days feels good. Just a walk around the neighborhood or to chat with friends. It is motivating to watch Bryce hang out with other children his age or so. I am motivated with the help of friends and professions to learn to take time for myself, to use correct movements throughout the day and proper equipment.

"Thanks Teresa for my winter snuggi" Bry Bry

Grandma Carmela's wonderful visit was filled with so many memories. We laughed, played, ate, sang songs, and baked good food. Her timing again was a sign from the universe - a time to regroup and reflect as a family, adjust to feeding schedules and  ng feeding tubes and reflect on our life as we move forward.

We love to eat pumpkin pie filling with pudding. Avocados and hummus are next in line and great for extra calories.  Trying to reach 18 lbs by his first birthday, Jan. 26th.

 Our eating and watching for breathing complications on the whole are the greatest challenges. I was very happy to go to Ikea and find toys and adaptive materials for the house to accomodate his learning at 10 months. 
Early Intervention is helping us so much with books, resources, support, how to move and play daily Most recently we are looking at new bathing techniques.
We are very appreciative of the help from so many great programs. Beyond the Clinic, for example is a great company who also is here to support us, help us with becoming even more educated on body movement, joints, and what is callled range of motion with the arms and legs. They are definately a great fit for our team  of doctors and with EI. 

What a special moment. Thanks Carmela for coming to stay with us. We will miss you but look forward to our next visit.

Stay tuned. This weekend I'll post our amazing details about our fundraiser on the 8th.

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