Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bipap Part 2

touching flowers in children's garden
Playing with our friends!! Tx for visiting

waving hi to everyone in lobby
Bryce is doing really well on the bipap at night now that he is adjusting. It was a pretty simple adjustment from the respiratory therapists. Thank you my SMA mama friends. :)  He is very comfortable with settings now and I am very pleased with the wonderful folks at the hospital. The ICU is really terrific with care, although so many parents are struggling with more acute and sad issues, ours is more long term- yet respiratory is always a serious issue.  I was very sad the other night when a mom was crying so hard about her child. I just sang songs to Bryce during that time.  

Our friend Evan is just a few weeks younger
than Bryce.

We are able to go to the gardens and walk around downstairs. He loves to ride in the little wagons they have; he waves at everyone who passes by. I love his giggles and smiles.   We often go to the cafeteria to just people watch.  The new hospital is gorgeous They call it the Alpha Bird display.
The gardens are wonderful. I am so grateful to have this hospital here in Portland, what a great way to cheer us up, relax, get away from the sounds, the beeps, the constant people etc.  I can't believe we've been there since Thursday. Times flies, but it sure will be nice to come home.

In order to come home there are some obstacles to cross specifically regarding  home nursing.

I am well rested after my bipap, Ready
for a fun fun day mommy at the
garden, visiting people, crafts etc.
Each moment with Bryce is spectacular. The doctors and nurses always comment on how cute he is. How is does so well with his toys and with learning and being so sociable. I am delighted that he is so much like his mommy.  We love being social and its great our friends have been coming by to visit. 

The other day, while I was holding him, I was eating a bowl of macaroni noodles and Bryce reached his hand in my bowl and got a noodle and fed it to me. He laughed and I laughed - it was the cutest thing in the world.

More to come. Love all.

Sticker time with mommy

 We are so happy to be out and about during the day. At night the picu helps us out. I have gotten lots of rest at night while Steve came to stay with him Friday night. I made food and brought it back to the hospital. We are so happy with the PICU. I am learning so much about bipap and glad he tolerates the treaments better. 

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