Thursday, June 20, 2013


Bryce is at 20 lbs. Yeah!. Now I can focus on adjusting the diet to maintaining with slight gain. Its a balance to learn the tricks and knowledge of his protein/fat/ intake and try to give him healthy foods.  Well, shakes are the way to go. Since we came home from hospital, Bryce doesn't really eat by mouth much anyways, so I can mix the kale, spinach, avocados together for a meal. My newest creation was pumpkin banana etc.

Despite how awesome Bryce is in everyway, taking off and putting on his sunglasses, talking to me more, saying yeah, playing with more toys, so interactive with people, waves hi and bye to our neighbors and friends - I am still concerned about the retraction when he breathes.

The extended tummy breathing and retraction along the his ribs extending to his back has gotten  worse since May - it could be a his new base line - I thought it could be a virus at first - but the strange breathing sound he made when he was born, its much louder and pronounced today. Medical doctors don't know a time line for Bryce, it could be months or years of a decline.  Evidence of other children's experiences are usually that kids are pretty resilient and can hold strong for a long time and then sometimes there could be a sudden decline usually brought on by a virus - It has been advised now that we don't offer food by mouth because his risk for aspiration is higher now that he is breathing harder.

We will see the doctor today and might be heading to hospital today and over the weekend to get him set up on night-time bi-pap and see how that works. I think this is the standard steps for our little man.  Love to all!!!

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