Thursday, June 27, 2013

challenges and prayers

There has been some challenges at the hospital recently. Prayers are much appreciated. Its confusing why dome doctors say Bryce needs bipap and no other doctors are indicating he doesn't need. The transfer of care to the 6th floor was not very smooth. We moved up at 650, just 10 min before the shift change and the night nurse really had not much from the PICU in terms of care. 

Anyways, its nice to be out of the PICU. I met so many great folks  including our previous nurse Christy.  I spoke with United Health Case Manager Tuesday and they are working on sending us home with bipap. Also, finally my efforts with the state in getting accepted into the medically fragile program has worked. The case manager at the hospital was able to arrange a meeting and are now hopefully qualified once we discharge with the machines. This means I get home health nurses in more than just once in a while, we will have them in our home 7 days a week, every night. 

Its been great to have the county help us, so grateful to the county case manager, they brought us diapers, set us up on WICK and are helping overall with even more home health support.

Byrum home health company has been as been amazing sending us his tube feeding equipment and helping us get our nurses to train me on the tube feeds over the past month, and nurse Pam from Providence home health has also been amazing.

Early Intervention continues its therapies at home us through the summer. I am so happy that Bryce and I will be able to stay in our home for the next year as well. We are so blessed by St. Mathews community for its love and continued support. I think that my  neighbors, moms, and friends help Bryce and I so much and this has been such a gift and much needed break for me to start recouping a bit.

This hospital stay is a challenge. I'll keep everyone posted.


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  1. Sending our prayers and wishing the best for Bryce through these challenges.

    With love,