Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October Fun

The fall has brought such great weather and lots of love to our new home.

Bryce  has learned new tricks and is becoming stronger in many ways. He is very adjusted to the breathing machine (bipap at night) 

Our self portraits downtown Lake Oswego
first picture all by himselfHe signs very well "mama"  "more" "please" "thank you" "ball" turn" - this week he puts two words together well such as mama more please. Its great.   He still likes to watch videos but we do more crafts now and games. He loves flash cards He points and says eh to something and then I respond what it is. For example, books, magazines, or boxes -

He loves his books. We read constantly.  We go out as much as we can while the weather is still great. The neighbors have had fun trucks coming by over the past month so Bryce loves trucks.

New exercises. Bryce's idea with towels

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