Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Family and friends make the holidays so wonderful. Bryce and I are really enjoying our craft times, play dates etc.  Nurse Julie brought us some finger paints and he painted for an hour and a half.
Bryce at the park making friends 

Bryce loves to draw circles and lines and squiggles with shaving cream too in the bath. The water crayons are really exciting for him too.  He gets worn out through day but his 2-3 hour naps give him extra energy before bed.

He loves his routine and so do I, its  nice that we have so much consistency. Nurse Julie has learned how we do out daily activities and what he likes. She is really great at working with us. I have felt more confident now as I went back to teach for the first

Bryce and our Friend Calypso
She is 6 months older and was able to come visit us at our home
Bryce making a thank you gift to Emily for
going to the zoo with us.


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