Thursday, November 21, 2013

November Fun

Its great that in October and November I've been able to have nursing a couple times a week and now if I get sub hours, there is now staffing available for me.  I still have to work the details out with our Medically Fragile Nurse Coordinator, but very pleased with the transition of mommy being full time caregiver to mommy being able to have a nurse and be mommy a bit more often.
I have had a wonderful addition to our family - a student studying to be a speech therapist has been coming since about September. I am grateful for working part-time so I can afford to have her work with Bryce. She is excellent and its been a terrific collaboration. I modeled the flash cards, drawing, using colors, matching cars to pictures and colors - Bryce has regained some speech that he lost in July - Between my working with him 4 days a week and my student helper along with physical therapy added into his daily play, he is really much happier, motivated, and making strides to catch up on some lost skills at his age level. I know that my educational career was going to be beneficial, I had no idea, how powerful and rewarding being able to educate my son and adapt activities for him so he can learn what other kids learn.
Its unfortunate that I had to leave teaching at ELS in May to care for Bryce full time, however, I am fortunate that I was rehired as a substitute when needed. This is so great. In the meantime, when I am not subbing or caring for Bryce,  I enjoy landscaping a couple times a week. 
Additionally, I have managed to coordinate all the Speech, PT, OT providers to communicate with our nursing company and so they can implement at least basic safety and routine therapies in both homes. 
I updated Bryce's Care Plan. Check it out!!

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