Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rhinovirus Take 2

Well - good news and bad news -  

Sunday when I picked up Bryce from daddy's he had a bit of a cough and runny nose, but he seemed cheery and energized.  A cute little trooper.

Once home we relaxed, went for a walk where he fell right asleep. I knew then, he must be coming down with a cold. Per doctors, a runny nose and cough must be treated with utmost care and diligence. Last April, same virus and in 12 hours he was in respiratory distress.

I was grateful Sunday night to have all the  bipap, oxygen cannula, nebulizer, albuteral, cough assist and suction machines at his side.  We played, took a bath and blew some bubbles - did exercises in bath and showed off to Martha some cool new moves.  Then read books, did cough, suction and albuteral.  I played guitar, just a couple songs and he fell right to sleep.

In an hour his stats while on bipap dropped to 88 -   86 -85 - He did not pop back up like he usually does. So I repositioned him several times he bounced up to 92 then would drop again. I woke him up for treatments and put him back on bipap. His stats went up to 94 after treatments and then up to 98 once bipap resumed. However, I think by 1 or 2 am Martha came in to say goodnight, we were both finally asleep. I am so grateful to have her help especially with rough nights like this one.

Monday I woke up at 6 am to do repeat all the treatments again, begin chest percussions. He responded very well and sounded great. I used the bulb to suction his nose and the BBG can only be used so much or it irritates his nose and hurts.   He seemed very under teh weather so we snuggled, watched some videos and excitedly waited for nurse Julie to arrive. I was so thankful, so I could go get a little bit more sleep.

It was no surprise that by 4pm our pediatrician recommended back to the hospital. Sure enough, he has the Rhinovirus. What is nice is having the reassurance and the help to care for Bryce while I can relax. This was similar to previous visits - but this time not as scary as he was not in distress - My son's doctor appears to be more proactive at this time. I am concerned though that he is not a dietician and there has been a lack of follow-up with his communication with the dieticians, OT, PT, and Speech.  

Its late, I am tired.. Bryce fell right asleep in my arms tonight with bipap at the

hospital. His stats are all back up, his secretions are gone, they gave him an antibiotic for his ear infection.

What I learned from this one is that no matter if he is on bipap or not, if he is sick, he will still drop.  There is much more to learn about my son's respiratory care.

Heading home tomorrow I hope.  Looking forward to it.
Love all - Jenni and Bryce

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