Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holidays are Here

Bryce just loves Snowmen and dollar tree is perfect
The holidays are  my favorite time of year. This year especially I am grateful for living in a beautiful home with friends, decorating the Christmas trees with Bryce, being able to see him grow stronger.

Bryce learns about 3 new signs each week. This week he signs "nona" which is Italian for  Grandma - He can sign "red" and actually speaks "Wa wa" for water and "that."   I enjoy so much participating in his daily play and activities. The physical therapy and work I do with him  especially the speech therapy has made a world of difference. We look forward to Brittany coming back as our SLP helper later this month.

Weds  Nurse Julie helped Bryce decorate the
Gingerbread Man. Mama and Bryce did
the little house.  Thank you Trish and
 Shriners for these decorating kits!!!

foam to allow some weight bearing / Foam wedge for tummy time

Bryce likes to use touch screen on my phone and is great at using the up and down arrows on my computer to look at pictures of  his daily life, schedule and his friends.

We are looking forward to the Christmas services at church. Many of our friends will be in the church play/choir.  I have starting up my MOPS group:  
The love and support from these friends and fellow moms since last year has been extremely helpful. Now, I have a chance to help those  new moms and give back to others who  helped me through y the greatest challenges of my life especially when Steve left us in April of last year 3 days after Bryce's "big" illness. This Xmas so grateful Bryce has regained his ability to communicate again and have more strength.

Our annual ginger bread
Look mama, its a house with candy
I placed Bryce on the table next
to the house and with help he was
able to reach and help decorate
Speaking of friends, its so great to continue play dates. Now that my divorce is almost final, its  having my friends who have stood by us and continue to stand by us means the world to us.  This is the greatest gift of life "friendship."

Pediatric Stander that Bryce will begin
therapy with soon.
We went to Doernbechers/Shriners this past week, Bryce's strength has impressed the doctors. I met with Dr. Sussman, super expert in SMA and orthopedics as well as the rest of Bryce's team.

They have given me the hope and encouragement I have been praying for. They casted him for KFO's which he will use as standing braces for a standing machine. They will help us get the stander and they approved him for wheelchair therapy - basically sessions that train and help put him into the correct elect

Example of Electric Wheelchaair that
Shriners said Bryce could get into soon.
ric wheel chair. 

Last month teaching Bryce
to brush his teeth / Now he does
it on his own; at mommy's
house anyways.

Bath Play / Therapy Daily


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