Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

My son is talking!!! I look forward to a year filled with joy, love, and at last "peace!"

Watching Bryce grow and develop is so wonderful and fills me with hope that he is doing better than ever. Besides respiratory system still the same since April, he is doing great -

  Bryce loves making gingerbread men from just things in the kitchen, nuts, tea, chocolate chips

Bryce has made even more milestones these days than anyone could ever imagine. He is talking to me and communicating very well about what he wants, making choices, holding his cup again, can say at least 30 words, sign 10 words - at the end I will list his progress - I am glad to say as a mom, he is getting the proper care in my home for his age and he as a result is excelling rapidly with the fine motor skills.

Bryce can pronounce most of the alphabet, does puzzles, can use speech communication boards now. I have been working on communication with pictures, the computer for many months now. Puzzles and books are his favorite now!! Bath time also, he loves swim therapy.

At Shriner's on the Swing in
 PT room
Working part-time I have had the privilege to educate and care for Bryce even more. With the knowledge of communication and speech therapies from my experience as a teacher working with speech acquisition I am thrilled at his progress. I took Bryce to Shriner - he was given his new AFO's and KFO's for his Stander - We picked out a nice standing device that he medically needs to help him with his posture, spinal alignment, keeping his body mobile, giving more circulation - they said this will extend his life -

Making Pizza with Mommy
Physical Therapy & Play -
Looking at Photos, Learning up /Down

My nurse Julie is the most amazing person I have ever met. The nursing company is fantastic to helps problem solve an finds ways to help me get needed equipment. On Dec. 23rd Dr. William Nichols ordered for our tank to be replaced at 1/8th full, but his father refused to share this tank, so in January when we didn't have oxygen in our home, the nursing company provided it for us. 

What keeps me strong is knowing that I am a great mom - I always put my son and his care first!! I love my friends and family and all those who make each day so fun.