Sunday, February 2, 2014

And the Cars go Vroom! Happy 2 years!!

Fun  Loving Days - Bryce is now 2 years old. 

 Cars go "Vroom"  
Airplanes go  "Neruum!"
Puppies go "arf arf"
Being proactive, knowing the right activities for BryBry, adapting his toys and environment are all things that I think are helping with strength..

Bryce signing more stickers ..he smiles... as says." mama!!"
The computer games we play together, activities such as imaginative little people/animals with cars and villages, reading books, finger painting, playing in the sand, in rice; it all stimulates both his body and his mind. 

At Shriners - They taught us how to support his arms
puzzle car app
Bryce enjoyed showing off his computer skills at Shriner's last week.  We love those free toddler apps - puzzles, cars matching games, etc. Nice work mister mister.

We are moving soon so the sesame street interactive application about moving is really helpful. I am teaching Bryce to say good bye to where we have been living  the puppies, the park, his friends, etc. We are both sad but also happy and excited for our new life and new home.
 We sing songs about cars, tractors, going down a bumpy road with animals in the trailer. He just loves making the sounds of a pig, horses and what a smart clever boy.

He completes the puzzles with me, he matches tractors and trucks to those in our books that we read about.

We draw imaginative homes for animals - thank goodness for the stickers - Love the lions. Bryce says "Lions go Roar!"





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