Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Snow Days!!

I love the snow and so does Bryce!! It feels wonderful to be outside and enjoy such a splendid part of life.  Bryce loved his ride on the sled he goes "ho ho ho " mama go!  I have learned so much from Bryce, he is very smart and clever for a 2 year old.
I love the snow, though I moved the first 3 day of the storm, it was fun and from living in Montana for 4 years, this snow storm was simply most welcoming and refreshing. We have been in a deficit here in Oregon with rain and snow this year. 
With his new communication and voice its a whole new world for us.
See below - lesson on ABC - video 2, he is much more confident in talking and pronouncing sounds.
Next, we are combining two sounds - this week he learned Papa which means daddy, and dada means many things, like what's that, da is his "that" so we are working on dat - "that"  what's that mama"

 This week Bryce signs baby a lot more. He says mama more, computer, vroom vroom for car play and tractor play with his animals. Love it.

For me, I still struggle with concerns of his lack of therapy in the other home and try to cope with that and just be grateful for the many days (4 days) a week I have my baby boy. 

I picked up as small 3rd job and looking for a more permanent one in our new community.  My goal is to get his equipment paid off by July 1st and have savings for future equipment and medical supplies. Still a struggle for daddy to be willing to collaborate with sharing  supplies - he knows I don't have the money to pay out of pocket and insurance supplies it so both parents to share. I hope daddy starts coming to his therapy sessions at Shriner's too so he can  learn how to use sign language, talk to his son, and do the PT, and OT that is essential for his daily life

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