Tuesday, April 8, 2014

26 months

We are settling into enjoying our new home and community. Among many appointments we still are searching for ways to ensure that Bryce and I can have access to the same medical supplies as his father with his father's insurance.

I am hoping to re-launch my go fund me page. My goal is to raise 1900 to pay for medical equipment that I still owe. Anyother money beyond that will help with auto maintence, diapers, and therapy equipment, and material for toy modification/ activities.

Bryce is talking so much more - Despite his new diagnosis of mild hearing loss in one ear, and no hearing in the other, it is my hope some tubes, a 5 min procedure will help repair the ear canal, get rid of the fluid and allow Bryce to regain hearing in that ear. With my TPR and other adapted language techniques 4 days a week, we have made impressive progress; among his complete and total amazing love of life and happy joyful self. 

Among Bryce's new words such as "nona", he can say slide, (at the park) rope, backpack, map, bottle, baby, doctor, nurse, seriously, tractor, truck, up, down, go, more, stop and Monday he said "doctor furr", he also is saying more 2 word phrases such as go mama, more please, baby bottle

In march we listed 50 words, this week we are up to 70 already.

Love jenni

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