Sunday, June 8, 2014

Interview from November

This is one of the most wonderful interviews for Bryce and I. Thanks to our dear friend Kevin, last November he published on his link to our local news station.  We started our GoFundMe account then. My hope is that our story is shared by as many people as possible.
We have since April had significant challenges- still trying to seek the court system to have 2500 worth of equipment that I purchased last fall to either be billed to an insurance company so I can use that documentation to get a grant if they decline to pay. Or, per the divorce decree, it is my hope that his father will pay the 65% of medical costs since that time. Costs continue to rise for us- my income has become diminished due to a recent work injury, legal costs, nursing care, and other unexpected out of pocket expenses.
It is my goal to resume my studies as a respiratory therapist, continue to substitute at the university, and continue to fundraise and do follow up news stories.
Love and Peace

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  1. You're right in getting the widest reach possible to get help. You and Bryce deserve all the help and support you'll get. You could also try getting compensation for your work-related injury, either directly from your company, or from their insurance policy. Hopefully it can help with your expenses. Good luck!

    Annie Ledger @ Compensation-Solicitors