Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer Fun

The summer has flown by. Bryce is so angelic and really becoming quite the little man with all his talking.

He is such a joy. Friends and family have made this an unforgettable summer. Time at the farm in Canby with Grandma, going to the fair - his first ever to see tractors and animals and he met my 6th grade teacher Mrs. Huggins. Great to see friends from my childhood and introduce them to Bryce.

Bob the Builder is our favorite theme. We play with plastic hammer/wrench etc and hammer nails into a shoe box. Many moments of fun.  Thomas and friends - love the videos, and trains - learning names and watching them zoom around the track. Weee. We love grandma's train books and reading the encyclopedia of Thomas and friends.  Must note Fireman Sam. Loving it! Thanks Avril.

Cars - all our cars have eyes now - a little white out and a marker - the little race cars just go go go and like the movie, we love to read and talk about all the names and watch them zoom

Puzzles galore. We do about 5 puzzles a day sometimes. And reading fun this summer through the Wilsonville Library reading program. What fun that has been. 20 min a day min.

. Bryce likes to count - he can count to 11. 

He loves to interact, throw balls, and play hide the bear or throw bear up to the ceiling. Of course, he chooses if bear goes up, does summersaults and or if bear hides.

He loves his cousins, uncle, aunties, grandma, his nona and friends. Thank you everyone for you love, support, and friendship.
Blessed are we to have such great friends and family


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Cute little bryce. He sure is an angel.
We are starting our unit on fire fighters. Still doing bob the builder. Bryce loves the tools grandma got..plastic hammer and nails. We put them in boxes and creatively make houses and lightweight paper guys and workers.
Bryce saying two three word sentences. And loves the word wheeee when he sees his trains Thomas trains go in circles.
He can now play abc game where he doea both upper and lower case leters...he and I come up with fun words for each letter like "b" bob,  baby, bryce, Brittany.