Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fall 2014 - Lego-mania!

 Bryce is such a love - We continue to build with tools, make foundations, build houses - He likes the hats on the lego guys very much.

"Thanks grandma for the best legos ever!! Sure is nice to play with cousins too."

Bryce is talking so much, making sentences etc.

Its been a joy watching him grow and explore the world, and just have fun playing toys. Lego guys are great because they are small, he can move the legs, make them sit. He gets stronger as he is motivated to take those hats off, but mommy helps get them on.  He helps me build and can often stack the blocks and put the legos on top of each other.
Bryce likes to make stories with the fire trucks and fire fighters.

          Oh - Pirates - how fun is this!! These guys are about the same size as the lego - the best times we have had singing songs, pirates making noises - finding treasure - we get pretty creative

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