Monday, December 7, 2015

Bryce and his wheelchair

Bryce is  zooming around town!!
Thank you Nu motion and Shriners. Thank you to all care providers family and friends
The first photo to the left, is day 2 at home with the electric wheel chair.
I signed the documents to start wheel chair training on January 10th 2014.   After months, at Shriner's, practice and navigational training, Oct. 28th, the wheel chair arrived.
Private health insurance paid for this chair. The state of Oregon does not pay for children to have an electric wheel chair because they don't feel its necessary for kids to drive and move independently when they have a care provider who can push them in a manual chair.
(a lobbying motion / bill - appeal I will attend to later in life)
Bryce loves being able to move around by himself, go to school, drive the local stores, drive around the library, Memorial Park, etc.

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