Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday Baby Boy!

Sweet Bryce is now 4 years of age.

My little Jedi, with little Jedi powers - you are a blessing my darling boy!! It was an honor to celebrate this day with you.

Large round balloons with Darth Vader and friends is simply the coolest balloon ever seen -

Further, thank you to Make a Wish Foundation for the balloons and the tremendous gifts. The wish this summer is also a precious and touching gift for all of us. Bryce is so excited. We as a family feel touched by this upcoming WISH.

Also, thanks to our dear friend Sue, we finished up our solar system in Bryce's room - thank you for the glow stars - its just beautiful.

This year,  I am working on a special video and doing more awareness campaigns for children with SMA. I have also been able to get more medical equipment such as a bath chair - and the new feeding chair should arrive in a couple months from Families of SMA.

I want to take a moment, and say thank you to all my friends and family - for the prayers, the love, and the kindness - having hope, faith, and endless love -makes it easier for me to be there for my son -

Every day - I am thankful that Bryce and I stay happy and continue to fight this disease - we never give up on a cure that might be in the future yet we are not afraid of the future either - we live in the moment, we embrace hope and faith!

We surround ourselves with joy and love -

The mantra's at home are:  Bryce, "you are my little trooper" "my little Jedi" - I tell him he's so smart, he is strong, and he is awesome!! Bryce sometimes will say, "mommy your smart too, your awesome too"

So, another year, we made it to 4! That's 2 years more than the doctors had expected.

Cheers to you my sweet angel! My little warrior!!

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