Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Greetings!!

Bryce and I had our first vacation in a long time in Eastern Oregon.

The dry climate helped Bryce overcome his illness that he was fighting for a couple weeks. I am so happy to have had a little home away from home - Each day was just filled with snuggles, playing legos, games, etc. 

EASTER EGGS!! How wonderful it was to have friend Elise play with us.  Those eggs are sooooo cute!!

Bryce liked stopping at the restaurant halfway, where we could eat some food, and we both enjoyed playing cards.

Detroit, Oregon. what a cute place for lunch. I told Bryce the story of grandpa, who took mommy and uncle Shaun here in the summer to camp and go for boat rides.


One of the most delightful parts about vacation is the indoor bath, its so big, its an indoor swimming pool for Bryce!! Daily therapy -

Just when we thought spring was here, a huge snow storm came. We passed through the mountains just in time.


On the way home, it was a blessing to have grandma follow us - had we stayed one more day, we would have been snowed in for a couple days. So much for an early spring in Eastern Oregon.

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