Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

What a terrific day with the family, eating Thanksgiving dinner, kids playing games, Bryce driving on his own this holiday season.

The boys loved playing "drive the four wheeler"

Uncle Shaun taught Bryce to drive on his own a bit.  What a big kid, driving such a cool remote control vehicle. Way to go uncle Shaun.

Bryce really enjoyed dinner, he ate bites of  uncle Shaun's smoked turkey, we've been talking about it for days. The mashed potatoes and gravy were also a hit.

I was very impressed at how wonderfully he partipated with us at dinner, ate like a grown up -

One cherished moment, was when we said grace, each person and the children including Bryce saying, I am thankful for  Easton and Emerson" his cousins & best friends.

Bryce picked out his Christmas tree this year!! Thanks Grammy for all you help getting out to the farm. What a fun day!

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