Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Watering the Garden

 My favorite photos of the summer!

Oh how I love sharing the gardening with Bryce. He sure does love to help mommy.

I am the proudest mother of how Bryce does not let his physical challenges get in the way of learning new things.

A very happy Bryce. Saturday,the weather was just perfect!!

We are getting ready for Bryce's Star Wars Make a Wish Celebration - July 30th

What a fantastic organization! Meeting the characters like Chewy and Stormy (storm trooper) is making his dream come true!!

His cousins are also visiting this summer which makes life even more fun and fantastic to share in these wonderful joys of summer time and lovely memories!

NEW Kafo's and AFO's - New Equipment

 Each and everyday Bryce just beams like  a ray of sunshine. He is growing up so fast. Nearly 4.5 years old now.  Up at Shriner's again for the new orders for his braces - AFO's and KAFO's should be ready to pick up at the end of the month. Bryce was very strong for his appointment - casting is a bit uncomfortable - he picked out great patterns even though he wanted to pick Kylo Star Wars.

Our new home nurses have been training well. This is a great and much needed assistance for me.

Bryce enjoys all the fun things we do, and I can not get enough car racing time especially!! So fun.
The "Car Cars are racing the hotwheels"

Summer 2016

This month is just flying by. We have been enjoying our summer very much and staying healthy.

I am enjoying this summer very much as I am not teaching at the college. This is my first summer to really enjoy spending time with Bryce and every week / weekend we are having fun doing crafts or having an adventure.

Picking Raspberries at Grammy's was very exciting and fun. Being outside in the countryside or in town, at the park has been great fun this summer. 

driving near Grammy's in countryside - Look cows!"
We are very excited about this and hopefully in the fall or next winter I can return to teaching.  Meanwhile, I continue to work part time at the golf club and on other small projects.

I am working with many organizations and even the Clackamas Home Access Grant so I can get a lift system in the home for our home nursing team and I think this will be moving forward very soon!!