Monday, November 28, 2016

Nov. 28th 2016

Hi baby- I know you are in heaven and watching over mommy. That Uncle Gene and Grandpa Mike and everyone we've  known are with you.

However; mommy is here. I have taken more hours at Thriftway and that keeps me busy;  yet I come home and miss my little boy! I'm cooking a turkey Monday thought and all your friends will be here.

I struggle with the day you died; the  bipap settings not strong enough - The pneumonia taking you from me far too soon.

I miss you an cry every night and morning. One day I will not cry so much! I am hoping to go back to teaching soon, but for the moment, you'd not believe how nice people are at the store. I know I promised you with my new job I'd take you to the beach, but I go now once a month and you are with me.

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